Game drive & Lion Tours

Game drive & Lion Tours

Welcome to our extraordinary wildlife tour where you’ll witness the captivating contrast between the majestic White Lion and the iconic African Savannah Lion. Led by a knowledgeable and experienced guide, this tour promises an unforgettable adventure.

Expect your safari drive to last 1:30 hours depending on how much time is spent at each sighting. This also includes our spectacular Lion Tour.

R 200 per Adult / R100 Per h/school child / R50 Per p/school child / R30 Per pre school

Game drive times over weekends: 

Friday 15:00

Saturday 18:00 ( late afternoon/evening)

Sunday 08:00 / 10:00

Animals on the drive

Animals that you might see during the game drive, include Giraffes, Kudu, Eland, Golden King Wildebeest, Zebras, Impalas, Waterbuck, Blesbuck and a few more.

Tour High notes

Experience the tour’s grand finale with an unforgettable opportunity to cuddle adorable lion cubs and have your photo taken with them. While cubs are usually available, their presence cannot be guaranteed at all times. To secure this incredible experience, kindly inquire about cub availability before booking your Lion tour.

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