Terms and Conditions


Monday to Friday 8h30 to 17h00 (Last orders must be placed at 16:45)

Saturday CLOSED

Sunday 8h30 to 13h00

Please note that times might change without prior notice.


Monday to Friday 10:00 / 15:00

Saturday 17:30/18:00 (evening late afternoon drive)

Sunday 08:00 / 10:00

Please note that times might change without prior notice.

Make your booking on or before arrival.

Terms and conditions

  1. No dogs or animals are allowed on the premises.
  2. Wood may NOT be taken from the field; firewood is available at our shop.
  3. NO plants may be taken from the field.
  4. All fires have to be extinguished before going to bed, to prevent veld fires. If it is too windy please consider not making any fires.
  5. Fires are only allowed in braai areas.
  6. Do not feed the wild animals.
  7. All facilities are used at own risk. Management, owners and personal take no responsibility for any damage, loss, theft or injuries.
  8. In book time in the units from 14:00. All rooms must be vacated by 10:00am on departure day.
  9. Caravan Park check in time from 10:00 and check out at 10:00 on departure day. Contact office to require for early check in and late check out
  10. If you expecting guests it must be arranged at the office prior of their arrival.
  11. We expect you to be considered about the guests in the lodge, NO MUSIC will be tolerated, especially out of a vehicle. You will be asked to leave the premises if you do not abide by this rule.
  12. Day visitors: Bookings are essential. Day visitors only from 08:00 until 17:00, R30.00 per vehicle and R80.00 per person, R50 for primary school children
  13. We do not provide swimming towels, dish-cloths or dish wash liquid, we do have a shop if you need something.
  14. Towels will not be replaced for 2 nights stay. Towels will be replaced for longer stays. No housekeeping during your stay.
  15. Please remember that sound carries at night and awnings are no barrier to the noise. ALL noise must be down by 22:00. Voices can be just as loud at night and can be disturbing to those wishing to sleep. Again, if this rule is not abided by, you may be asked to leave the premises without compensation.
  16. If the noise from your neighbor is bothering you, please take this up with management.
  17. Please supervise your children at all times especially by the swimming pool and in the play area. Make sure they do not cause any damage to the resort, as you will be liable for payment for any repairs. Do not allow children to climb, break or damage the trees and bushes. Fine of R1000.00 must be paid immediately.
  18. Please keep by the speed limit of 10-20 km per hour and be aware of children in the area.
  19. We have vehicles entering and leaving the resort. Please make sure your children are aware of vehicles.
  20. Please close any taps if you see water running from it.
  21. Use water sparingly and take other guests in consideration when showering.
  22. Please leave the stand/unit in a clean matter like you received it. If you leave the area in a mess an immediate payment of R300.00 is payable. Units will be charged R500.00 if the unit is left in a mess.
  23. If any injuries occur please report to the office immediately or try to find the paramedic if there is 1 on shift.
  24. No drinking glasses in the swimming pool.
  25. No bicycles around the swimming pools and on the mini golf course.
  26. Please keep the resort clean. Dustbins provided.
  27. All guests must wear appropriate clothing and swimwear when using any facilities. If the management for some reason think your clothing is inappropriate, they may ask you to change your clothing or leave the premises.
  28. Report all fires immediately.
  29. In the event of a function, the music is allowed as arranged with management.
  30. If Management feels that your behavior is inappropriate to other guests you may be asked to leave the premises. This decision will be final and with no refund.
  31. Be aware of snakes, spiders and scorpions. Report snakes to office immediately.
  32. If you find any fault or damage to the property please report it to the office immediately. We will try and fix it as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that there might be unforeseen situations where faults or damages may not be fixed immediately.
  33. Please note no person without a valid driver’s license is allowed to drive any vehicle on the premises. We have children all over the resort and their safety is our priority.

If you cancel your booking 30+ days before arrival – 25% forfeited of total amount
If you cancel your booking 16-29 days before arrival – 50% forfeited of total amount
If you cancel your booking 15 days before arrival – 100% forfeited of total amount
We do not pay any money back if you have to leave earlier than the booking date or if you cancel due to bad weather.
Please note no refunds will be given due to any covid regulations or state of disaster matters that is the cause of your booking not being able to be fulfilled.
Thank you for your booking, and we hope you enjoy your stay with us